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Old Man Winter

Old man winter is finally upon us here in Yakima, Washington. I'm freezing my toucas off. This little Texas gal will probably never get used to the weather up here. I grew up with milder winters. I just know it's going to be snowing soon. I bought a brand new coat with faux fur lining and faux leather outside. I'm hoping that it keeps me warm and toasty in all this cold weather. I also bought a new pair of calf high boots. I don't mind the fall and spring. The weather is not too extreme either way. I don't like extreme heat or extreme cold. I think I'm getting too doggone picky and cranky. That's what's wrong with me. This time of year brings back memories though of my Christmases growing up in Texas and my Mama and Papa. Mama always had the house decorated so nice for Christmas and it smelled delicious. She always did a lot of baking during the holidays. Our family believed in great big get togethers. We would all gather at a relative's house or at our church fellowship hall. There would be tons of laughter, talking, and food. We would sing hymns together and pray. My great grandparents, whom we called Mama Dot and Daddy Fat, had such a rich history. They raised three daughters during the Great Depression. They told of going to Oklahoma in a covered wagon, the Native Americans coming to the local watering hole to water their horses, their first car. So many memories and stories. Sadly, they are all passed away now and I've started my own family. My two girls and Shawn and my birth mom is still living along with my sister who is younger than me by 20 years. We live far apart, me here in Washington now, and her in Texas. But we are all we have. Shawn still has most of his family left, but they are so much different than my family were. They play favorites too much and they don't treat family members equally. They don't believe in huge family get togethers and unconditional love the way my family did. So, hopefully, I can continue my family beliefs and values through my girls. I have been busy trying to get our Christmas celebration together. I have bought the girls a playhouse for Christmas, some pots and pans for it, and a new movie. They are also getting a new puzzle and a Fur Real Purse Puppy. I really hope they enjoy their presents, but I hope they enjoy the memories of watching Christmas shows together, visiting Santa Claus together, and spending time with each other even more than the presents. I don't remember what I got every year for Christmas, but I remember the people I spent it with and the laughter and love we all shared. I know my Mama and Papa are up there in Heaven together with my great grandparents and Papa's mother along with all the other beloved relatives who have passed, watching over us and I know they are having a good time together. I sometimes can't wait until the day I can join them, but I also won't give up all the happy times ahead with my own children either. Well, I think I'm done going down memory lane for now. I think I'll go put on one of my Mama's Christmas records and sing with my girls along with the music. I just know they are going to love A Squirrel's Christmas Wish as much as I did growing up and all the others. Happy Holidays.
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