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Delaine's Journal

Random Writing

13 August
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I have 2 little girls, Hannah and Jessie. They are 8 months apart. My 2nd girl, Jessie, was very premature. She came Feb 8, 2008 and she was supposed to come May 13, 2008. Things can get very hectic. I was born in Dallas,TX and raised on a cattle ranch, The Lee Campbell Ranch, between Dublin and Comanche, Texas by my grandparents. I called my grandparents Mama and Papa because to me they were my mom and dad. I have always had a sisterly relationship with my birth mom but now that Mama and Papa passed away we are closer. We both miss them very very much. I moved to Washington from Texas 5 years ago. I miss home very much. I used to have a severe bleeding problem and couldn't get the help I needed in Texas so that's how I ended up in Washington. I'm a mixture of gothic and country because I love cowboys as much as vampires. I love horses and dragons both. I enjoy a lot of different arts and crafts.
70s rock, 80s rock, 90s rock, a haunting, ac/dc, alaskan malamutes, angels and demons, animals, arts/crafts, big cats, big n rich, black stallion, black stallion returns, black stallion series, cbt skills, charlene harris, charlotte vale allen, chatting, chris ledoux, christian rock, christine feehan, classic country, collective soul, country, cowboy troy, cowboys, creating avatars, creation science, daria, dark series, davey and goliath, dbt skills, dogs, dolly parton, dr pepper, drawing, environmentally conscious, facebook, facebooking, family guy, fantasy, ferrets, fresh flowers, gaston leroux, ghost hunters, gods of the night, going green, going on carnival rides, going to carnivals, golden girls, google, guns n roses, hannah howell, horseback riding, horses, jesus, jesus of nazareth, joel olsteen, kiss, kitty cats, letters to erik, listening to music, metallica, motley crue, museum visiting, myspace, myspacing, native american romance, nature, nature walking, night magic, nightwish, nina bangs, oldies, oobi, opera, painting, paranormal activity, paranormal romance, paranormal state, phantom of the opera, plants, playing darts, playing video games, poison, reading, religion, rock, roseanne, roses, ruby and max, science fiction, scrapbooking, self help, seven mary three, shallow hal, siberian huskies, social networking, social sites, sookie stackhouse series, swimming, texas, the crow, the labyrinth, toby keith, trace adkins, true blood, tulips, walter farley, watching movies, watching rodeos, wildlife, window shopping, wolves, writing, xandria, zen